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Acrilic Paints


Painted Cosmos (formally Tipsy Fox) was created to teach paintings to those interested in a fun night out with creativity. Our goal is to have all of our guest return home at the end of the event with a painting true to them and some fun stories. We host these events in various bars and restaurants in the greater Seattle area and we are constantly looking for more ideas, venues and people.


Eva is the owner and one of the artists, it has always been a dream of hers to teach and grow in the art world. Her vision is to create an inclusive experience where anyone can come and express themselves in their full creative power. She has always had an innate love for the stars and got into painting after observing nebula in her astronomy class. She is also studying astrology and will soon be offering natal chart readings as well!

What to expect...

   It is our job to teach the painting, your job is to enjoy the fun night out.

What is included...

   All art supplies are provided for your convenience.

   Customers are able to purchase their beverages and

   food separately, from the bar and restaurant. 

Paintings that are true to you...

   While the instructor will be teaching the paintings selected for

   each event, customers are welcome to paint as they desire. This

   is going up on your wall, so you should love it.

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