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Tess Meireis · December 31, 2017


Megan is a fantastic teacher and a ton of fun. The classes are light hearted and enjoyable for all skills and artist types. I went to her class right before Halloween and had fun painting a pumpkin scene. It was a lot of fun and the perfect way to start off a long weekend.

Jack Rizzo · February 1, 2018

Megan was amazing from beginning to end in helping with getting the right painting and setting up the event and making sure everything was squared away. She made the event fun and everyone who attended could't stop saying great things. Highly recommended for parties or random night out.

Carrie Young · February 1, 2018

You were so entertaining and very good at giving instruction! It was my first painting session ever! I had so much fun! Thank you Megan!!

Cassie Whiteside · October 6, 2017

Painting with Megan is so much fun! She has an unmatched energy and love for what she does! I've never had as much fun as I do when I paint with Megan! I always walk away with an amazing painting that I'm proud of and cannot wait to go to each of her paint events!

Jade Krische· September 1, 2017

Megan Tronson is absolutely incredible! I have gone to several of her events and I am ALWAYS astounded at how well she can teach so many students as seamlessly and patiently as she does. Every step is explained down to the stroke of the brush. She keeps it light and fun, while also demonstrating the extent of her obvious artistic talents. She is an incredible teacher and I will never go to a different paint class/event unless she is the one leading it. Love her!

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