Virtual Event Swan Dance

Virtual Event Swan Dance


This is a link to purchase tickets for a virtual paint event with Painted Cosmos.


Painters will be in charge of their own supplies for this event


Ticket includes a 1.5-2 hour long painting instruction through Zoom.


Supplies you'll need:


Painting Surface: We will be using a 12×16 canvas but feel free to paint on any size or on any surface you’d prefer.

Acrylic Paint: Red, yellow, blue, black and white (green and purple if you got it, otherwise we can mix those from the primary colors). Feel free to add more colors to your pallete if you'd like! 

Paint Brushes: A larger brush 3/4″ to 1″ wide, a narrow brush to paint details and a small brush to paint thin lines. 

Palette: Paper plates work great

Water Cup: Plastic cup or one that you don’t mind getting covered in paint

Paper Towels or old rag for cleaning the brushes


Optional Supplies: Chalk or Pencil, Apron, Easel & Table Cloth or Newspaper to cover your workspace.